Baby Name or Phrase with Glitter Finish - 13 Wooded Alphabet Blocks


Custom Baby Name or Phrase using 12 WOODEN ALPHABET LETTERS with a fine grade sparkling Glitter Finish. What a great way to let a child know how important they are by displaying their name for all to see.   These will be displayed and cherished by your family for many generations. Pictures can't do this sparkle justice.  (NOTE: These blocks should NOT be used as baby toys as small amount of glitter may come off.  This is normal with a glitter finish.  Use these block for display only.)

  • Unique Personalized Baby Shower Gift
  • Custom Colors To Match Room Decor
  • Start a Grandparent Collection - Include all Grandchildren For Them To Display
  • Birth Announcement Gift ("Baby Johnson")
  • Maternity Photos
  • Personalized Birthday Gift
  • Any Phrase - Be Creative
  • Wedding Decorations
  • Baby Shower Decorations
  • Baby Photos

Customize your wooden letters by choosing a Background and Foreground Color from the selections below.  Include the color selections you choose in the "Special Instructions" tab on the checkout page.

BACKGROUND COLORS AVAILABLE: (Click color to view samples - Glitter on Foreground Only)

A - White B - Slate Gray C - Pale Yellow
D - Navy Blue E - Red F - Rose
G - Khaki I - Lime Green J - Plum
K - Black L - Tiffany Blue M - Orange
N - Yellow O - Dark Green P - Avocado
Q - Coral R - Ivory S - Lilac
U - Pink T - Aqua


FOREGROUND COLORS AVAILABLE: (Click color to view samples)

89 - Light Blue Glitter 90 - Green Glitter 91 - Pink Glitter
92 - Dark Purple Glitter 93 - Hot Pink Glitter 94 - Light Purple Glitter
95 - Aqua Glitter 96 - Gold Glitter 97 - Red Glitter
98 - Silver Glitter 99 - Dark Blue Glitter


If you don't see a color you want CONTACT US and let's see if we can help. 

WHEN YOU CHECKOUT In the "Special Instructions" section complete the following:

A) List the name or phrase you want

B) List Background Color and Foreground Colors you choose

C) Any special instructions such as alternating colors, etc.  Be Specific.


***DISCLAIMER*** To our surprise we have found that there could be a slight difference in the size of the blocks as ordered from the manufacturer - so don't be surprised. SIZE IS APPROX 1 1/8" X 1 1/8". The sides of each letter will be unfinished natural wood. The rear will remain the original manufacturer's letters as found on the original block. 

Each set of blocks are custom made to order, and will be shipped within 5 BUSINESS days.

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