About Us

We create customized names and phrases using wooden nursery blocks. Our products make great gifts for baby showers, birthdays, nursery decor, holidays, birth announcements, maternity photos and weddings.  Now don't forget to be creative and send us your custom, personalized ideas. Our alphabet blocks are customized and hand painted to create a wonderful personalized gift to be cherished for years to come.

Don't think this is as easy as it sounds! Depending on the name you'll have to buy multiple packages of blocks and even then, it is nearly impossible to stumble upon complementary colors. For example, the name James can be built using one package but the J is green and the a,m,e and s are red.  To modify and customize the colors it takes three to five coats of paint.


Also depending on the name, it takes multiple packages of blocks to complete, for example, the name Jonathan would take three packages.


The Boyd Family consists of a bunch of loud, loving Southerners. We are Sweet Home Alabama's brand of the big Italian family. We cook, we laugh, we hug, we pray, we relax, we play, we work, we build, we create. We create laughs, we create dinner, we create memories, and we create blocks.

My mom, Joy, heads up the creativity department of our house; she comes up with many of our clever phrases, along with concocting the most delicious dinners south of the Arctic Circle. She also keeps finances strictly in check, mainly so she and I end up with a little leftover for shopping sprees. 

My dad, Danny, is who we like to call the “Chief Blockhead” in the business. He founded ABC Blockology. When he gets an idea, he is pretty adamant about it. In the beginning of our business, if he saw something that needed tweaking, he tweaked it until it could be tweaked any more. He has a passion for originality in business, and ABC Blockology provides him with just that. 

Next in the line-up comes yours truly. My name is Glennleigh. I head up sales operations, quality control, and basically anything else I am asked to do. I love watching my dad create the blocks with rhythm and originality; it's what drew me into helping him. 

The last of Santa's little helpers is Brody, the youngest Boyd. He's our packaging guy and takes care of safely settling in orders before they start their journey to you. 

The goal of the Boyd family is to contribute a little creativity to your home! From our family to yours, happy shopping and many blessings!

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