Hugs and Kisses - 13 Wooden Alphabet Blocks


These blocks will be a reminder as to what is most important in life and something we all need more of...HUGS AND KISSES. Display this in a place where they can't be missed - living room, bedroom, kitchen or even the office of your significant other. Hope we help you get more HUGS AND KISSES.

We use wooden nursery blocks to make one of a kind original decor. HUGS AND KISSES has a red background with special glitter pink letters. Yes, Glitter. Can never get enough GLITTER.


If you don't see a color you want CONTACT US and let's see if we can help. 

***DISCLAIMER*** To our surprise we have found that there could be a slight difference in the size of the blocks as ordered from the manufacturer - so don't be surprised. SIZE IS APPROX 1 1/8" X 1 1/8". The sides of each letter will be unfinished natural wood. The rear will remain the original manufacturer's letters as found on the original block.  GLITTER BLOCK ARE NOT TOYS AND SHOULD NOT BE HANDLED BUT DISPLAYED ONLY

Each set of blocks are custom made to order, and will be shipped within 5 BUSINESS days.

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